Raster to Vector

Raster to Vector Convertion Service

Do you want to zoom in, but are worried about the pixel? We are here to help! Raster to vector conversion is when an image type is changed from a raster image to a vector Image. Raster images consist of pixels made up of lots of tiny little dots or circles. These images, when zoomed often lose their integrity and appears blurred and pixelated. However raster images are made out of lines or paths that contain a mathematic formula that tells the path what shape and color it borders or is filled by, this provides a much more compact and higher resolution image. So no matter how much you zoom in into the picture, it doesn't lose its integrity.

Raster to vector conversion or the use of Vector image design services are usually required by companies in search of making a logo or improving the resolution on the old logo. Vector art is preferred by companies because of the clarity and quality of the images produced and in vector format, smaller logos can be designed with the same resolutions as that of a larger logo image.

Raster to Vector

Raster to vector can also be aided by other services such as color correction and Drop shadow for an improved outcome.

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