What is the Technique of Photo Manipulation?

Photo editing can be applied in many forms and methods to create numerous effects. These techniques once mastered and adapted by the user can make for a powerful tool for creativity. So what can one achieve with Photoshop mastery?

photo manipulation

Creativity in photo editing comes from the skills of the user. Knowing how to use the tools isn’t enough. You have to be imaginative when using a variety of tools and know how to bring an assortment of techniques together to create something amazing.

The combination of the use of all these techniques is known as image manipulation. The ability to portray an image in such a ways as that it sends the message that you want it to send in the way that you want It. Image manipulation is visual communication at its best.

Before you proceed to turning your imagination into works of art. Let’s look at the basic techniques one could use to create various effects. The first technique that is commonly associated with Image manipulation is the Layer masking technique, the layer masking technique allows you to merge parts of 2 or more images together to create something new. With this technique you can add or remove objects and backgrounds from other images onto the image you are working on, this allows you to seamlessly create something in an image that is actually not there, for example if you delete the background from an selfie image and keep an image of the Taj Mahal in a second layer, it will appear as though the selfie was taken in front of the Taj Mahal. However the really hard part is making it look as though it’s not been edited. The ratio of the first image to the second, the color, lighting and brightness all have to be adjusted so that the image does not appear out of place.

Another technique used in image manipulation is the clipping mask, although similar to the layer mask, clipping masks allows the user to write text using the gradient of the image, so the words appear as cut outs from the image itself. This is a powerful technique when sending a message as a picture tells a thousand words.

Images can also be manipulated by color correction or color adjustments, this can be applied to scenery images to control the light in the image, so you can choose what time of day you wish to portray in your image.

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