The Commercial uses of Photoshop

Modern day Photoshop has advanced visual media advertising to all new levels. Photoshop is now used by nearly all major companies and franchises to market their products throughout the internet and social media sites.

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So how is photoshop used as a tool to boost sales and advertising?

Photoshop is a versatile tool that helps both editing and creating images. The most common form of photoshop in advertising currently being used is clipping path service, Photo retouch. Retouching a photo takes out blemishes, spots and discolorations from images. This helps ensure that the center of the image immediately catches the viewers eyes. This type of photoshop works best with Product advertisement, with companies like Coke and Pepsi Co. frequently using this technique to sell their branded fizzy drinks. You will notice that in these advertises the bottle or can of the beverage is always slightly brighter or more colorful than the background, this is done intentionally so that you only focus on the image of the beverage instead of the background that surrounds it.

However this technique isn’t limited to beverage products and is often used by Jewelers to sell their jewelry online. This is known as Jewelry retouch. Jewelry retouch, fixes jewelry images by fixing the color of gems so they appear brighter and also brightening the metal on their products so their appear more polished and perfects. All retouch work is in general the same, the idea is to fix the image so that it draws your attention.

Retouch alone is not enough to bring in the viewers, other techniques are also encompassed to aid in bringing in customers. Retouch work is usually accompanies by the color correction technique. Color correction fixes the colors in an image so that it is mathematically near perfect, it is said that a specific ratio of Red Green and Blue colors in an image automatically draws the brains attention. Color correction attempts to balance the images color as close to that ratio as possible, so that is has the maximum impact on your brain.

Other known techniques also include Image Manipulation. Although is not considered a technique on its own, as it is in actuality an assortment of techniques used together to create something new. Image manipulation takes parts of separate images and brings them together to create a new and entirely different image. With photo manipulation anything is possible, as images aren’t bound to the laws of physics it is possible to create images that are completely surreal, it is only a matter of imagination. Image manipulation when done correctly helps create images that causes the viewers to fixate on the image and wondering what it is, whilst sending a subliminal message that keeps the product in the mind of the viewers.

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